Congrats Coolz0r!

I just needed to say this. Miel – aka Coolz0r – just wrote his 1.000th post on his ‘Marketing Thoughts’ blog and I’m impressed of the stats. Not that it was a big surprise, because I know Miel is writing for a quite big international audience but still, kudos for Miel.

For me this is one of those examples where you see what passion and a lot of time can bring you today. Chasing good advertising & interactive best practices from around the globe, blogging 24/7 (almost) mixed with some good writing and with the understanding of linklove (which is not always returned), I guess this is only a beginning. Miel, I’ll talk about it to my Russian colleagues so you get that geo-dot on Moscow too ;-)

Miel also writes at InsideGoogle, InsideMicrosoft & I-Wisdom.


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