Great News

… or not? After reading Randy's post on the GreatNews RSS Reader I figured I also should give it a try. I had missed his post with his RSS Reader survey results, where GreatNews already came up on top, but now I got curious. Especially because he quotes this guy Shaun Orpen that seemed pretty amazed with the results of GreatNews and switched to it, leaving SharpReader for what it is. It's not so much Shaun – I don't know the guy – but the fact that I also used SharpReader for quite a while and considered it to be one of the better RSS readers that I got interested.

So I installed GreatNews and uploaded my OPML into it. I must say I that the first looks were really promising, and that the visual presentation of the feeds, sort of newspaper style is pretty OK. I won't make the switch though. The way I like to ready my RSS, RSSBandit still offers the best solution. What I didn't like in GreatNews is that you need to make to many clicks to get to new 'pages' with feeds, whereas in RSSBandit I can just scroll down all new items (no matter how much). The second thing I didn't like, and what bothered me is how GreatNews handles feeds that it can't read for whatever reason, hope they fix that.

So after SharpReader and Attensa for Outlook, it looked a moment like it could have become my new RSS Reader, but it's RSSBandit after all that still stands. Although there's also a few things in there I hope they fix one day. I does flash sometimes when I mark a great amount of feeds as read, and for one reason or the other I won't auto detect feeds anymore (is that because it has a feed limit?). I would also like to see my RSS Reader tap into the IE7 RSS Store, that would make life easier…


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