Who needs a desk?

It was pretty funny that just now I saw about this campaign Vodafone is running in the UK for their mobile office solutions. Yes of course I did enjoy smashing a few desks, but the funniest part of it is the fact that it's so actual. We are struggling with our office space for the moment, trying to get everyone a decent place to work in a couple of our offices. So at least we can have a laugh about it now …



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  1. donshades says:


    I directed this baby; was just seeing if it’d filtered out onto the old blog network and found your blog. I like your writing style and I’m glad you found the site a bit of a giggle. We would like to have made it a little more interactive (customise your desk, then destroy it), but for the ammount we were given I’m pleased with the result. I definately agree – I want to see MY desk smashed!

    Rock and Roll

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