Interactive advertising

… but not as you would have expected. This week 2 interesting billboard campaigns appeared that both interact with their environment. They each do it in a different way, but I think it's cool to see that advertising is at it's best when it gets reinvented all the time.

Amnesty.jpg this_personHIV.jpg

I'm only using 1 image of each campaign give you an idea what it's about, but there are a lot more examples of it you must certainly check out.

The first campaign is from Amnesty International and is using transparent billboards with very location based images to generate awareness of problems happening in the world: "It exists. Not here, but now!". Although working in daylight, very powerful campaign. See all bilboards.

The second campaign is an awareness campaign on HIV, and I think from the Red Cross, but don't have too much information about that one. It's less sophisticated compared to the one of Amnesty, but still powerful message. See all billboards.

[Via Marketing Alternatif | Adverbox]