For Sale: DeLorean

Just picked up this newsitem from Engadget. The DeLorean from Back to the Future is for sale. I remember that back then I found this one of the coolest cars ever!

"Where we're going we don't need roads"


[Via Engadget]



  1. Daniel A says:


    I was wondering how much you are selling the delorean for. Thanks

  2. brandon says:

    how much is this sucka?

  3. darwin says:

    i would like to know how much you asking and the condition and year.tks

  4. Kris Hoet says:

    Hey guys – I’m not selling it, you need to follow the link to Engadget to find out more about it.

  5. Adam B says:

    This is not the DeLorean from Back to the Future. This one is a 1983 not a 1981. Additionally, this one is the 6-cylinder automatic. I have the correct one. It is the 1981 6-cylinder turbo charged 5-speed manual.

  6. rashed says:

    wow sucka is awsome how much is it??? i really want the sucka!! ( its not the car from back to the future is it?????) plzzz not

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