The Garden Stick

Miel passed me this garden stick last week, a new blog stick that Randy started. I actually took some pictures of my garden for this the same evening, but only now I did find some time to get them online. You'll see that it's not a really big garden, but you will notice we have a nice view into a closed parc which is just behind our garden and where they keep a strange combination of animals like ducks (not that strange), Ostriches and even a Kangaroo (no kidding). Great for the kids, I can tell you that.

I'll pass on the stick to some of my colleagues, namely Kevin, Tom and David. Hope you guys accept, instructions to be found at Miel's blog.




  1. It’s a small world. I was the original development manager at BubbleShare.

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    That’s cool. I only just started working with it today. I had asked Miel for a good service since I didn’t like the registration process of Flickr and so I got to BubbleShare :-)

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