There were no superheroes during the renaissance period. Why? Apparently there were no supervillains so they were not needed. That would explain the lack of superheroes in fine art. It's time to fix that. Well that is according to where they are running this Photoshop contest on superheroes. It's a pretty cool idea and […]

Just picked up this newsitem from Engadget. The DeLorean from Back to the Future is for sale. I remember that back then I found this one of the coolest cars ever! "Where we're going we don't need roads" [Via Engadget]

I just found out about this cool way to visualize websites. I must say that not only the end result, but also the way it builds the image is pretty fun to watch. What is does really is translate the tags of the HTML into colored dots. The colors are used for the tags in […]

Just before I was about to close my PC, I quickly checked my RSS feeds for a last time and well what do you know, … Schumacher has just been punished for his mistake during qualifying at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Man, that's just bad news! So much for a great Grand Prix tomorrow…

This one does for instance, I can imagine this totally made Tina's day… Lovely.

It has been a long time since I last got into these top 10's but here there are some nice onces again. First of all Guy Kawasaki and his top 10 lies, some of which you also might have read in Seth's book. Another top 10 is about the web. With all these web 2.0 […]

The good thing about The Da Vinci Code is that a lot of people did read it before the movie got created. The movie which – read the reviews – is quite bad actually. The Association of librarians of the Czech Republic ran a funny campaign that relates to this subject in order to get […]