Renaissance superheroes?

There were no superheroes during the renaissance period. Why? Apparently there were no supervillains so they were not needed. That would explain the lack of superheroes in fine art. It's time to fix that. Well that is according to where they are running this Photoshop contest on superheroes. It's a pretty cool idea andContinue reading “Renaissance superheroes?”

La Scuderia

Just before I was about to close my PC, I quickly checked my RSS feeds for a last time and well what do you know, … Schumacher has just been punished for his mistake during qualifying at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Man, that's just bad news! So much for a great Grand Prix tomorrow…

Invasion of the Robots

This contest went live a couple of days ago but I didn't have time yet to write about it until tonight. Microsoft is challenging developers worldwide to create conversational robots, or BOTs, for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. The most original and useful robots collect 40.000$ in total prizes, more info at contest website.Continue reading “Invasion of the Robots”