Phil Holden in Brussels

Yesterday we had Phil Holden & Kevin Briody from the Redmond team over in Brussels for a special meetup with some of the Belgian bloggers. I think about 15 bloggers were present at the meeting and for us this was a great experience. First of all it's good to have a face that go together with blogs you're reading, but next to that we had an interesting interaction going.

Phil sort of showed a mix of services that will be launched soon (some are already in beta) under the Windows Live brand and it we received some valuable feedback. Some of it proving we're on a good track, some feedback about improvements that we need to make to the services… but that's exactly the reason why we organised the session so that's perfect.

Here you can find some postings of people that were there, which might get an update over the next couple of days:

The post of Inside Microsoft was also picked up by MSTechToday.

Thanks to all you for being there and keep your feedback coming. Thanks Miel for the pictures! And thanks Phil for basically living on a plane :-)



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