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A few days ago there was this article on "5 reasons to market movies online" on iMedia Connection. I had expected a bit more specific movie reasoning in there although I fully agree with the point that Brad is making there. We see them using the internet for a long time already, but that's most […]

Although I don't like Tetris at all, kudos to those who got this up and running. This really is 'big-screen' gaming! [Via Joystiq]

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Great! A robot chair that puts itself together whenever it falls apart. Who would want a chair that falls apart in the first place?!

I just read what seems to be the last post on Russell's weblog. Russell works for the mobile team of Yahoo! and I always enjoyed reading his views on mainly mobile related topics. What I do wonder about is why he changed the design of his blog like only a week ago or so, but […]

Or would that be Mad Max? Let me introduce you quickly to Matth, who's one of the owners of Absoluut, the agency we're working with. And yes indeed, Matth is an Apple freak so this gets us into interesting and sometimes quite funny conversations about Apple/Microsoft differences. Now don't get me wrong, Matth does think […]