absolutbug3.jpgI’ve seen some new and pretty cool advertising from Absolut Vodka the last few days which made me look for other Absolut stuff on the web. A few days ago we saw the first posts talking about Absolut Kravitz. I’ve never been much of a Kravitz fan, but it still is a really nice experience. Check out the Absolut website too by the way.

Everybody knows the Absolut Ads and while I was looking for the Ad you see with this post (created during the Y2K period) it seems there are even more than one fansites about Absolut and it’s advertising. Should have known, but never thought of it really. The best one I think is Absolutad.com, that has an immense archive of old Absolut creatives. Funny enough, while looking on the web I also found out that they’ve just decided to stop with the ads using the shape of the Absolut bottle (article USA Today).

After 25 years and 1,500 versions of print ads built around the shape of its bottle, Absolut vodka is shelving the campaign that made it famous. Absolut will spend $20 million on a new effort that starts today and includes its first TV ads as the brand battles slower growth and tougher competition for vodkas.

Well if the Absolut Tracks project is the first sign of what they’re going to, bring it on then! I’m pretty sure anyway that they will come up with some great campaign ideas that will replace what they’ve been doing the last 25 years.

Also make sure to take a look at Absolut Temptation, got to love it! [Via Coolz0r]

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