A while ago I wrote about the Qtek 9100 and the fact that I really wanted that smartphone, but today I’ve seen two new smartphones coming our way that even interest me more than the Qtek. I’m talking about the Samung SGH-I320 and the Fujitsu Siemens LOOX T810/T830. And especially that last one is looking really complete. It’s a combined mobile phone, notebook, navigation system, digital camera, VoIP headset, PDA, MP3 player and more powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 with push email. That’s really bringing functionalities together in one device, accessing your data anywhere at anytime. Bring it on!


  1. I would like to ask,
    I purchased a new T830. When I got home and opend it I found out tha the box was all ready opend and the office and the other applications were all ready installed. Is it suppose to be like that, that the shop install all the applications? They didn’t told me nothing about it.

    Thanks for you answer!


  2. Maybe this particular shop offers this as a service, but normally it should come clean out of the box with you being the first one to unpack it. That’s what I would expect.

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