Chuck Norris madness

It’s been going on for quite a while and those people who are used to getting fun stuff sent to them by email, or that read blogs on a regular basis will have seen most of it already. They might even have had it already with the Chuck Norris facts popping up in the blogosphere but I still needed to write about it as I’m still amazed how this has become so big. Chuck Norris facts: a story.

Somewhere in the beginning of December last year – I had just started on WordPress – I noticed a blogpost in my WordPress dashboard that was called “Chuck Norris – The Facts“. It was a list with some funny Chuck Norris facts that had been going around by email for a while apparently. I hadn’t seen it before but thought it was really funny. I had never thought that it would become as big as it did, proof are several postings around the web featuring always more and more facts (More Chuck Norris facts, Chuck Norris can devide by zero, Chuck is the new Hoff (Jaffejuice), … only being a selection of what is there) or a website dedicated to the subject (Chuck Norris facts) and even television appearances of Chuck Norris where he’s asked about the list like this one with Tony Danza being the host.

And yes it’s maybe old news already but I still think it’s pretty funny. And as a marketer I do wonder what the secret is behind this getting so big… if I knew just that, I would certainly use it in my own marketing plan.

“Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.”


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