Daydream Nation

russiandaydreamnation.jpgSomeone asked me last week where I got my blog’s name ‘Cross The Breeze from. It’s actually a name from a great song of Sonic Youth featured on the album Daydream Nation. I bought the LP in 1992 in Moskow when we were over there with a group of students. I knew a bit of Sonic Youth at that time and wasn’t a big fan or anything, but the album was sold at 0,01 €… Useless to say that we all bought a bunch of LP’s when we were over there, anything of which we recognized the cover or the band’s name, we bought it.

Daydream Nation however is the best album of all I got back then, well it’s one the best albums I’ve ever bought actually. Songs like Teen Age Riot, Silver Rocket, ‘Cross The Breeze, … that’s true rock ‘n roll. I bought the CD version a few years ago because the LP was a bit difficult in the car, plus the Russian LP version – as I found out later – was shorter than the original US version. I don’t know a lot of people that like it, but I think it’s absolutely great.


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