The top 10 weirdest USB devices ever

Man, how do they come up with all that stuff? What’s the use? Well at least we had fun reading this. So check it out, this list should present the top 10 weirdest USB devices ever, if you could come up with an even more crazy one… tell me about it. Well here’s the list, if you want to see the images (you should) then click on the link.

  1. The USB vibrator
  2. The eye massager
  3. USB heating gloves
  4. USB flower pot speaker
  5. USB self destruction button
  6. USB massage ball
  7. USB heated slippers
  8. The USB ghost radar
  9. USB air darts
  10. George Foreman USB iGrill

1 Comment

  1. Matth says:

    Hey Kris, you forgot the number one weirdest USB device… Look s like a Mac but they call it a PC.


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