While I’m reading this book “The Art of being Belgian” there was an interesting piece that made me think of online advertising in Belgium versus the rest of Europe. Let me explain. “The Art of being Belgian” is written by Richard Hill, an Englishman living in Belgium for more than 40 years, about his experiences […]

This is old news, but I only found out recently and thought it was so cool that I just need to write about it. While I was writing my marketing plan a few weeks ago Matth send me this link with the presentation Dick Hardt did at OSCON 2005. That was already in October or […]

This is just an amazing post you should definitely take a look at. Fosfor Gadgets reports this very cool website that shows 12 images coming from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring in both HD and DVD quality. Use the mouse over effect to see the difference. As they point out already on Fosfor Gadgets, […]

I’m back. I’ve been on a business offsite last week and blogging just was impossible. Hope to catch up with some posts fast, as my scrapbook is overloaded with stuff to write about. There we go again.

All the buzz these days about the Google share made me think about the Hollywood Stock Exchange again. HSX exists for already a couple of years and is as far as I know the coolest fake stock game/website that exists. Here it’s all about trading moviestocks, starbonds, movie options and moviefunds. It’s a pitty that […]

It’s been going on for quite a while and those people who are used to getting fun stuff sent to them by email, or that read blogs on a regular basis will have seen most of it already. They might even have had it already with the Chuck Norris facts popping up in the blogosphere […]

A while ago I wrote about the Qtek 9100 and the fact that I really wanted that smartphone, but today I’ve seen two new smartphones coming our way that even interest me more than the Qtek. I’m talking about the Samung SGH-I320 and the Fujitsu Siemens LOOX T810/T830. And especially that last one is looking really […]