How To Be A Good Marketer In Ten Easy Steps

Tara Hunt of horsepigcow wrote an interesting post of what makes a good marketer in today’s era. It’s good stuff. I’ll get you a fast overview of the top 10 but I encourage you to visit the original article of Tara to see the full story.

A good marketer …

  1. is a community advocate
  2. knows today’s brands aren’t built in boardrooms or ad agencies or brainstorming sessions
  3. plans a little, but changes a lot
  4. doesn’t only respond to community needs today, but also knows what needs will arise tomorrow
  5. rewards the community members who stand behind him/her
  6. gets involved in the community
  7. is his/her own client
  8. knows when to back off
  9. learns to use the tools available to them
  10. never takes him/herself too seriously

[Via AdPulp / Gaping Void]

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