What I need from CES:

Technology, gadgets, new media, … have always interested me a lot, and so I follow up a bit on CES. With RSS in from some good gadget related blogs like engadget, gizmodo that update on an hour-to-hour basis that’s not too difficult. Also Scobleizer and Jaffe Juice give interesting opinions on CES. It’s actually one out of 3 tradeshows that I want to attend one day, the other 2 being E3 and Showest.

So without having been there in Las Vegas, I’ve seen some good stuff that fit my needs pretty well. First of all it made me even more look forward to Vista, but especially to the Media Center version of it which was shown during the Bill Gates keynote at the beginning of CES. . That combined with the new Toshiba Gigabeat and services like Vongo, yummie. It was actually Russell Beattie’s blog where I heard first about the Vongo, hope they go international soon. And ofcourse I would need the biggest plasma around to go with that and that would be the 103 inch Matsusita (hoping that it’s HD).

And then there’s also Samsung, they are really getting up to speed the last years on technology, see for yourself: Samsung booth at CES, Samsung product announcements. Only the new “imagine the possibilities” brand campaign of Samsung is a bit dissapointing, not really anything new in there.

Birthday in April, bring it on.

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