Web 2.0

I just failed miserably on the web 2.0 quiz, basically showing I have no clue what the new web is about. What the heck, it reminds me of an interesting post of Dion Hincliffe on web 2.0, namely the 10 issues facing web 2.0 today. Really worth reading. In short:

  1. Excessive hype: it’s not the solution to every software problem so stop proclaiming this
  2. Lack of simple definition: look it up on Wikipedia if you want
  3. Aging poster children: loads of startup are being released, but not one has yet made a difference like say Google (and they exist already for 7 years)
  4. Needing a permaconnection: most applications require fast, stable and always-on connections
  5. Ajax as the official web 2.0 experience: trying to use it for a hammer in every solution will cause everyone a lot of difficulty
  6. Excessive attention on the technology: people care about the given value, not how that value has been created underneath
  7. Really bad adherents: don’t call yourself of what you do web 2.0, just do it
  8. Blogging instead of doing: too much discussion about it and not enough action
  9. Not facing hard thruths: some aspects of the web 2.0 business models aren’t so postive
  10. Adopting the lightweight creation model: how will large, centrally controlled organisations (think Microsoft) try to deliver nimble, lightweight software in frequent releases at a faster speed than their current software cycle

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