Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia

Don’t you just love the Sony Bravia commercial? Well I do. It has been on my ‘scratch path’ for quite a few days to write about, but it’s the appearance of the Bravia blog that finally got me to do it. First we had the official Bravia website that was mentioned in the tv commercial, and although there was some nice stuff to it (like the screensaver) it was nothing special compared to some of the things that are done online these days. I really had hoped for more as the tv commercial is so complete: the idea, the imagery, the music, … and yet the website is basic. The new blog adds just what was missing. Find more great advertising on Jaffe’s ‘Year End Juices’ (thanks to i-Wisdom for pointing that out). And yes, Joseph’s own creation: the Nike’s Tiger Woods Spot is cool too. If you haven’t seen that yet, make sure you check it out.



  1. Petro says:

    hi, hi, hi! Beautiful site.

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