Finding iPodFor the creatives amongst us – and Apple lovers, here’s your chance to win an iPod. Create your own Steve Jobs movieposter and post it on Mike Davidson’s blog. You only have about 4 days left so do it quick. Mac users by the way are a bit worried about the new Intel partnership. Not only will the next Mac’s be ‘Intel Inside’ or ‘Leap ahead’ (the new slogan) but the big question is whether Mac’s will come out with the small Intel stickers on them like we know from PC’s. Typical opinion: “I would not accept a sticker on my machine” and right they are, I wouldn’t want to have stickers on my iBook either (my wife’s actually) nor on my PC – where I have to remove them ofcourse. It’s probably not a good enough reason to switch to PC (as they are cluttered with stickers) but some people do switch, or even switch back to PC’s… and yes, also there I couldn’t agree more. How nice the iBook (and others might be), Mac’s are still way too expense compared to PC’s. Russell Beattie (Yahoo) is somebody who switched back and his story + comments is a fun read.

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