Internet Explorer 7 Preview Beta 2

Since a few hour ago the beta 2 for IE7 is available for public download (so not MSDN subscription needed this time) at the Microsoft website. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while as the IE7 features shown on the web were looking pretty nice, so I installed it and will testdriveContinue reading “Internet Explorer 7 Preview Beta 2”

The Museum of E-Failure

Those were the days. Well not really maybe, but I did have this nostalgic feeling when I took a look at the Museum of E-Failure posted on Ghostsites. When looking quickly at the list, I noticed and remembered especially (with the virtual shopping assistant if I’m not mistaken), (that would guide you toContinue reading “The Museum of E-Failure”

How To Be A Good Marketer In Ten Easy Steps

Tara Hunt of horsepigcow wrote an interesting post of what makes a good marketer in today’s era. It’s good stuff. I’ll get you a fast overview of the top 10 but I encourage you to visit the original article of Tara to see the full story. A good marketer … is a community advocate knowsContinue reading “How To Be A Good Marketer In Ten Easy Steps”

The Zero Movement

“Coke lies, misleads with fake ‘zero’ blog. Has coke overstepped the mark with its invasion of the online community?” That’s the title of an article on the Marketing Blog about Coke Zero. For this new drink Coke had launched a new website with blog called ‘The Zero Movement‘.  This website did fit in complete guerilla campaign,Continue reading “The Zero Movement”

Start Something

A while ago Microsoft launched it’s Start Something campaign that promoted the usage of Windows XP through several scenarios on education, entertainment, digital imaging, productivity, connectivity, etc… In the same spirit of this campaign they also ran a contest where they asked how designers would envision the next-generation Windows PC and especially how innovative theyContinue reading “Start Something”