We have an old Apple iBook G3 Blue Clamshell stored with some other digital devices we don’t use anymore. I always found this a pitty, but things get old and it’s not like you can make a lot of money of it when you try to sell those. So there it was… and yet, just at the time we had almost forgotten about this iBook, my oldest son (who’s only 3,5 years old) gets a kids game on a cd-rom playable on PC (no way he’s going to use my laptop) and on Mac OS 9.

There you go, old iBook back on the table, 3 minute explanation and off he goes… And yes it’s amazing how fast these kids pickup these things, literally 3 minutes of showing how you work the mouse and my son is on it like he’s been doing this for years. He’s already better using computers than my mam (although she ain’t the most difficult person to beat :-)). Man, I’m still amazed…


  1. Redge says:

    And it’s just the beginning… within a few years (or maybe months…), I’m pretty sure he’s going to teach you a lot of things about computers ;-)

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