I want a new mobile phone!

I’m struggling with my mobile these days. After using a combination of Nokia mobiles with Palm PDA’s for quite some years I’ve ended up with a no-good mobile from Sharp. And basically, part of it is my own mistake. I’ve had a smartphone (Windows Mobile) for a few months, but as it was one of the early Qtek’s it was just no good. The only thing smart about this smartphone was the fact MSN Messenger was on it… and what a brand: Qtek! So I got rid of it and swapped to the Sharp GX30 again.

Qtek 9100But now! Have you seen the Qtek 9100 yet? As a brand it still doesn’t sound right, but I couldn’t care less this time. I want this phone, so if you didn’t know yet what to give me for the New Year… don’t hesitate. (Reminds me I definitely need to show ‘Cross The Breeze to my wife this week)


  1. I can’t offer you one of those phones but only some comments… I don’t even know if phone is the right word to call such a thing.
    I’m using, I should say discovering, the new Qtek 9100 since a couple of days and I’m really convinced.
    Combining Mobile Phone, PDA and Wi-Fi is just a dream. For someone who is travelling a lot as I do, it’s just the ideal solution.
    I even tested Skype yesterday (still a bêta version) and you can already expect a lot from Voice over IP on mobile phone. I’m pretty sure MSN Messenger is going to follow soon.
    I have just a recommendation… buy one and if you have a broad budget, the Qtek 9000 is also compatible with G3!!!

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