Top 10 Web Predictions for 2006 (2)

More and more web predictions for 2006 popup these days. I think they’re all fun to read, some of them more realistic than others. Make sure you read John Battelle’s predictions, it’s been up there for a few days now but a must read I think. Wondering how good/bad he was the years before, take a look at his review on both the 2004 and the 2005 predictions.

Another great top 10 is to be found on Dave’s WordPress Blog. He actually only gets to 8, but feel free to fill the gap with some of the nice ideas in the comments that could easily feature in his top 10. I especially like the Skype-Ebay module that scans everything in your house and puts it on auction :-)

Another way to do this is by using Matt McAlister’s Dotcom Prediction Generator, certainly if you need to get your own predictions out before the New Year but don’t know what to say.

And now we’re at it, some more of the serious predictions can be found over here:

Personally I would say that we will see the first stumble of Google, the first glitch on their way up. We will also see a boost of video in online advertising, blogging and certainly video search. Telephony over the web will finally breakthrough, now all the ‘classic’ IM services are gearing up their voice solution in respect to what Skype is offering. There will be better measurement on RSS, going hand in hand with more advertising on RSS too. I also feel there’s an opportunity for more dynamic feeds than what’s mainly offered for the moment, but 2006 might as well be the year to change this. And ofcourse user generated content is still so hot that we will be seeing a lot more in this space too. Finally we will get more and more convergence between the desktop and the internet (think also Vista and Windows Live) and especially mobile.

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