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I went to a Web 2.0 seminar yesterday, organised by I-Merge. It was an interesting afternoon, with presentations from I-Merge & McKinsey, talking about how the evolution of the web. And whereas everything around the naming of this evolution – web 2.0 – just sounds as the next best buzz talk, I do like the actual wave or phase in the internet evolution.

And that said, I feel like the evolution going on today is no different than past evolutions we’ve seen the last 10 years. What is clear though is that the popularity of the internet is getting bigger and bigger and so is the attention for those new evolutions. Naming it 2.0 and as such also defining what has been web 1.0 is like comparing the internet to classical software, where typically you need to wait months or years between new releases of new versions. And ain’t that the main difference between software and the web?

Apart from the fact that people start noticing and enjoying everything around social networking, networked applications and networks of intelligence/information it’s maybe not so new as one might think. It reminds me of Moviecritic.com where you could rate movies you had seen and likeminds recommended movies you would probably like. That’s typically a web 2.0 project although we’re talking 1997 here! And how do you think the Smartscreen solution (Hotmail‘s anti-spam) works? Hotmails users flag spam when they get it in their inbox and this community as such creates a dynamic anti-spam solution (supported by software techniques).

The internet has always been in constant evolution. One day it was “content is king” and the next it was “content is king, but distribution is queen”. Smallband vs. broadband, static vs. dynamic, standalone vs. convergence, content management, peer to peer, … exciting business, exciting times for sure.

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  1. Really exciting. And I also wanted to stress the fact that wireless broadband and free access to it is becoming the next big revolution. I come back from Stockholm where you had no problem to find a connection. Combined with MSN Messenger, I had the opportunity to call my friends for free… Next step is a to buy a mobile with Wi-Fi integretad.

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