Web 2.0, Life 2.0, Brands 2.0, … it doesn’t stop these last couple of weeks. Every day you read posts on the internet about this next generation everything, like the change that’s hapening today is bigger than any change ever happened before. When we check out Wikipedia on the subject we can find that we’re at the second phase of Development of the internet. Basically it’s through this web 2.0 that we also learn about what should have been web 1.0 and even web 1.5!

There are clearly 2 opinions about all this next gen internet, and I belong to those who think all this web 2.0 is nothing more than a slogan, a buzzword to try to capture an ongoing evolution on the internet. There’s a good post of Russell Shaw on the Zdnet blog. Marketing did the trick, try a websearch on web 2.0 and you’ll be amazed on all you can find. The web always has been about a logical evolution, about ups & downs, about great new innovators & high user engagement.

Let’s call it a day and just keep on working on this evolution… to be able to look back after a couple of years when somebody comes up with web 3.0 to start all over again.

[Richard McManus on Read/Write Web]

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