I really love Top Gear on BBC. There’s something about the Brittish that they can create television like this… impossible to copy. The fragment you see here is about the Lotus guys gearing up a Lada – think Pimp My Ride – but then the Top Gear style. Enjoy!

We have an old Apple iBook G3 Blue Clamshell stored with some other digital devices we don’t use anymore. I always found this a pitty, but things get old and it’s not like you can make a lot of money of it when you try to sell those. So there it was… and yet, just […]

Playing around a bit more today with my blog and added a new feature. My 3 readers (héhé) can now signup to the MSN Alerts for ‘Cross The Breeze. And I will know in an instant whether it works or not as this post should be the first one delivered to me by such Alerts. […]

I’m struggling with my mobile these days. After using a combination of Nokia mobiles with Palm PDA’s for quite some years I’ve ended up with a no-good mobile from Sharp. And basically, part of it is my own mistake. I’ve had a smartphone (Windows Mobile) for a few months, but as it was one of […]

Just another quick update. This is another interesting article about the topic, which I had forgotten about when writing the post.

More and more web predictions for 2006 popup these days. I think they’re all fun to read, some of them more realistic than others. Make sure you read John Battelle’s predictions, it’s been up there for a few days now but a must read I think. Wondering how good/bad he was the years before, take a look at his review on both the […]

Interesting times on Google these days. They’ve been taking some decisions lately that some tend to see as the big win over Microsoft, where other people say it’s about Google making their first crucial mistakes. Is the AOL deal really good for Google or do they give too much away of their pure, powerful search […]