Imagine how they keep coming up with those names: nouveau niche, massclusivity, tryvertising, the youniverse, generation c, twinsumers, life caching, … Every baby needs a name and I do love to read about all those new consumer concepts, but it’s also the reason why non-marketeers look at marketing guys & girls as those people that just know very well how to say stuff… even if it means nothing at all. And yes a marketeer wouldn’t be any good if he couldn’t tell stories about products & services, but let’s keep real value in the message please.

It also reminds me of a website I came across years ago, named the Web Economy Bullshit Generator. Add some of the new wordings and it would be totally up to date again and ready to use for all present powerpoint presentations about interactive marketing, online development, etc. Just add: SEO, many to many, API, RSS, podcast, blog, rich user experience, AJAX, tagging, consumer generated content, … and you would get your web 2.0 business model right there. Try it, and let me know if it worked for you.


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