9 December – a day without internet?

In The Netherlands the interactive agency Clockwork is organising the Working Day Without Internet on December 9th. Reason for this is that we tend to do all communications by mail & IM, even with a colleague sitting 5 feet away, instead of the face to face relationships. I agree that we all ways of communications have their own good & bad aspects and that we have to keep that in mind. I agree that not all communication should be done by email or IM, just as well as it makes no sense to walk the 10 feet to your colleague anytime you have something to tell her/him. And this is something we should all pay attention to.

Organising a day without internet however is not what I see as the solution. The extra fun part in this action is that they (Clockwork – the interactive agency) are using send-to-a-friend, RSS, … and other interactive online options to get people to join. Isn’t it weird you’re using emailing tools to ask people to stop emailing for a day?


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