Interactive Advertising

Yesterday I went to a round table on interactive advertising (focus on online) with Joseph Jaffe as main guest, together with local agency responsibles. A few sidenotes: 

  • It’s was really good content, but why are the people in the room always the same… namely the ones that already know about the power & importance of online? 
  • It’s always nice to see some examples of incredible interactive advertising. Jaffe showed some cool banners, websites, user created content like blogs & movies, … This however makes you think about nice creatives you’ve seen even years ago and that are still beyond what most advertisers think about. 
  • The agencies that took part in the round table all have created innovative & superb interactive advertising. I did a quick research on them this last hour and it’s fun to see none of them use keyword buying in search engines, almost any use blogs themselves. Only few have a good website for themselves… 
  • It’s strange to be in a discussion with people that all want advertisers to aknowledge the importance of interactive advertising. To see ow they are all trying to prove the fact that internet has become part of a lot of people’s every day life… and still refer to the internet as New Media. 

I strongly believe the interactive advertising business is one of the most interesting businesses to be part of, and I enjoy every second of it, but boy do we have a long way to go ;-)


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