Imagine how they keep coming up with those names: nouveau niche, massclusivity, tryvertising, the youniverse, generation c, twinsumers, life caching, … Every baby needs a name and I do love to read about all those new consumer concepts, but it’s also the reason why non-marketeers look at marketing guys & girls as those people that […]

In The Netherlands the interactive agency Clockwork is organising the Working Day Without Internet on December 9th. Reason for this is that we tend to do all communications by mail & IM, even with a colleague sitting 5 feet away, instead of the face to face relationships. I agree that we all ways of communications […]

There’s no question that the Earth is getting hotter – global warming: the evidence. Say no more. Thanks Matth.

I’m a news addict and as such RSS is just it for me. Get all sorts of news feeds into my Outlook (with Attensa – nice beta btw) and follow up on them at least once a day. I also have a lot of queries on MSN Search – especially in the news search – that i […]

Yesterday I heard that Richard Burns, WRC 2001 champion, has died as a result of a brain tumor. I still remember how – in 2003 – Richard Burns passed out during a rally and a brain tumor was the diagnosis. Shocking news as he was only 32 years old at the time. Still, I sort of forgot about all […]

Fender has a great history in electrical guitars and is probably known most for the Stratocaster and Telecaster models. Two recent blogposts about Fender products give the impressions they’re going digital. Check out the Intelcaster, a project of Fender & Intel. They figure any musician whilst creating a song has a need for information, so he […]

As probably the most of you are still looking for nice christmas presents these days – as am I – the internet again can offer us some great help. Find good ideas for original presents on the web, now almost every website is creating their Top 10 2005 list. This is a first overview of some […]