These Coke Zero ads are pretty absurd, but I do like them. They’re fun and the messaging is pretty clear – great work from W+K if you ask me. Check out this video: There are 3 more of the same series here, here and here. [via ADFREAK]

Yes, what made Scoble cry. Yesterday this project from Microsoft research was presented (as expected) at TED and a lot faster than usual, the video is already online. This was the first I got to see about the WorldWide Telescope as well and I must admit it looks stunning indeed. It’s quite fascinating to see […]

I have no idea what this campaign was for, but I kinda liked the idea. Maybe it’s from the billboard company, to fill up unsold billboards? Anyway, it’s a sign, that much is clear :) – Photo from Armante [Via Billboardom]

Within a week we’ll be on our way to Vegas again for the MIX08 conference. I quite enjoyed last year’s MIX conference with the announcements of Silverlight and Expression Studio, but also for presentations such as Lou Carbone’s for instance (who will be back this year by the way). What I like about this year’s […]

Lovely day here in London today, big difference with last week when I planned on flying here but didn’t make it because of the fog at LCY. I can tell you, spending like 5 hours at the Antwerp Airport for nothing is really no fun at all. Meeting up with the zerofinfluencer this evening, so […]

I’m not such a big fan of predictions like we see them all over on the web at the start of the New Year. There are a few good ones like those of John Batelle for instance, but other than that many predictions sound more like acknowledgement of something that’s already happening today or a […]

Last week I went to LIFT08 in Geneva, and although it is a conference, I think you’d better describe it as an experience. And an experience I was really much looking forward to, especially after talking to Laurent Haug and Cristiana Bolli Freitas, the creative brains and organizers of LIFT a few months earlier. Part […]

I initially got onto the Dopplr Alpha in April last year thanks to Loic Le Meur. He seemed quite enthusiast about it and as I’m a bit of a traveler myself, so enough reason to test it out. I’ve liked it ever since. I’ve you’re a bit of a traveler yourself and still not on […]

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