Today I received a copy from “The Origin Of Brands” signed for me by Al & Laura Ries thanks to CK (Is it possible not to love her?). You might remember I ordered a copy of it on Amazon in February or so but never received it, but then again you see how the community […]

I just want to give this pointer to anyone interested, this is some truly compelling viewing. Yesterday Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had an on stage conversation with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at All Things Digital. The full video of that has gone up (together with a highlight reel of you don’t have much […]

The news is out! We all knew something big was about to happen with the Belgian agency I-Merge and today is the day: I-Merge becomes Boondoggle and opens a new office in Amsterdam at the same time as well. Why the new name for i-merge? Pieter Goiris , CEO Boondoggle: “The name i-merge was generally […]

CBS Makes Wise Investment – AdPulp CBS acquired social-networking Web site for $280 million, delving further into the music business where it was once a major player. (tags: cbs adpulp lastfm acquisition socialnetwork music) (tags: application communication computer cool demo interface interactive hardware gadget future microsoft research screen visualization technology trends surface concept) […]

It’s been a bit quiet on the Live Writer front but the team has been working hard on the new beta which has just been released a couple minutes ago. If you are a blogger and you haven’t tried Live Writer before, you definitely should give it a try, it’s pretty good. It’s a desktop […]

“Big ideas are so hard to recognize, so fragile, so easy to kill. Don’t forget that, all of you who don’t have them.” – John Elliott Jr. [Via Brand DNA found on Ewan McIntosh's]

Office Rocker! : MindJet MindManager 7 becomes Fluent with the ribbon: interview The upcoming version 7 of MindJet MindManager, the popular visualisation tool releases on 31st May. One of its key selling points is the use of the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. (tags: mindjet mindmanager ribbon office interface)

I won’t be the next ‘Joe La Pompe‘ but sometimes I’m struck by similarities in campaigns that appear almost at the same time. Here’s such an example with ads that showed up online this week. The first is an ad for the VW Touareg, the second for the Land Rover Defender. What do you think? […]

I just received an email from one of my colleagues pointing out to the website. I don’t know about other countries but it’s quite common in Belgium that you can get a sticker to put your mailbox (not your email inbox I’m afraid) to let the mailman know you just want direct mail and […]