It’s definitely not the first time a cartoon is used in advertising, but these draw my attention as they were both posted today and both campaigns use cartoon classics to tell the story. Imagine what advertisers will do with Hugh’s work in a couple of years ;) The first one is for the CrossPolo (The […]

Regular visitors of this blog know that I’m sometimes fascinated of things that don’t have much to do with marketing, new media nor Windows Live but just because I find it fascinating. A good source for fascinating stuff is the ‘Mighty Optical Illusions‘ blog and yesterday I found this: There’s another one of a painted […]

Last weekend I changed the design of this blog and did a call out to designers to help me with the header. The default header was not bad, but it’s only the default so … not good enough. Nicolas Deturck aka Dr.Pixel almost immediately offered to help me out with this. I wanted it to […]

You’re probably thinking: what’s so special about that? Well not that much, but it’s the first snow I witness this year. We had very little snow in Belgium this year, and every time I would be abroad so didn’t see any of it. Again, not all that special, but a winter without snow is not […]

Not really or at least not everywhere. Last week, I read an article in ‘Het Nieuwsblad‘ on  Euro-NCAP crashtests done by consumer organizations on the VW Fox. This was special because they did this test on a VW Fox created for the European market and a VW Fox for the South-American market. And what happened was that the […]

I’ve been thinking about changing my hosted blog to a self hosted WordPress blog, for a couple of reasons, one of them being the ability to change to the layout I want. I’ve been talking about this with some people who are a bit more technical than I am (that’s not so difficult either) […]

Even though I can’t seem to run it properly on my machine yet (I keep on trying) I wanted to show you this. This screensaver gives a truly cool view on the blogosphere: Twingly. “Twingly screensaver is visualizing the global blog activity in real time. Forget RSS readers where you see only what you’re interested […]

No comment. More information on this initiative at Graffiti Research Lab or look at this stunning Flickr set. (Courtesy of urban_data) Technorati tags: lasertag, graffiti, laser, open city

Uma Thurman in a nine minute shortfilm for Pirelli, it had to be good: Mission Zero. On Marketing Alternatif they also said it was about a pursuit in a yellow Lamborghini… with Uma, sounds good right? Yeah, sounds good, but it was boring. I really wanted it to be exciting, and watched it until the […]

This was the title of an article (analysis really) that I read in De Standaard (Belgian newspaper) yesterday. Journalist Wim Winckelmans shares his opinion about the importance of the internet for the upcoming elections. Reason for the article was the recently launched MRTV by the political party MR (and CDH-TV is rumored to be next). Wim […]