Remember this cartoon? Well, it looks like some people needed help to find their first life, so here you go: Now this is settled, maybe a VC can take a look again at this other idea I had. Technorati tags: second life, cartoon

Right from the moment CK announced MarketingProf’s new Book Club initiative hosted by her, I knew this was going to be good. Read on more on her blog if you don’t know what the Book Club is. Unfortunately I didn’t get the book in time before the first book review, but I still logged in […]

In May last year I wrote about the DeLorean from Back to the Future being for sale. Today Gizmodo reports that 1 of the 4 original Batmobiles is for sale as well. It’s going on auction in London this February, expected to sell for $150.000. Anyone? [Via Gizmodo] Technorati tags: batmobile, batman, auction, movies, delorean, […]

A while ago I started a new blog. It’s about something totally different compared to this one, and yet it’s not. [Updated: to be clear, I don't own a Mustang yet but it's a dream to get it one day... and that's what the new blog is about] I’ll copy a piece out of the […]

We sure haven’t seen the last of RSS yet. Technorati tags: rss, blaugh, comic, homework

Searching for a way to help? With every search you do here, you give money to (between January 17 and March 31)… and in the meantime you get a feel of Live Search. All money will be used to support educational programs for refugee youth. Start your search here: The campaign is supported […]

I just received a new pc and that made me clean up my file folders a little. I had some nice ads in my Onfolio collections that I still wanted to share with you. I think these are all quite good so here they are. The first one is from Speedmaster. No info on the […]

A brand that is very popular amongst the advertising blogs is Axe (Lynx) but because they are raising the bar in this segment, competition follows with great advertising as well. And that’s definitely a good thing. Rexona is an example of a fierce competitor that is doing a good job as well. We all remember […]

Hugh MacLeod had an interesting though around wine. It’s just an observation but it made me laugh. So here’s a random quote, I’m not sure how random the thought was though :-) Hugh? “As any former choirboy will know, wine is mentioned a lot in The Bible. Funny how they don’t talk about the quality […]

I’m struggling with my RSS reader these days, which annoys me a lot. I’m reading about 420 feeds on a daily basis and a good feedreader is key to scan all this without losing too much time. I’ve written about GreatNews more than once and found it the best reader out there… but it crashed […]