I wrote about the Dove commercial on real beauty a few days ago and there are some key learnings we can get out of this one. Pete Blackshaw at ClickZ Network did a good post with the 10 key takeaways from this campaign which you should take a look at. Here is already one that […]

I don’t recall when or where I saw these for the first time, but when I noticed it now at Brand Autopsy I also found the source of the images. Apparently these visual definitions are from ZAG, a book written by Marty Neumeier on the “strategy of high performance brands”. Another book for my wishlist. […]

After I started blogging for a few weeks, months (I started in November last year) I figured I would definitely try and keep doing this and that made me decide to buy the crossthebreeze.com domain. A good friend helped me out to do a url forward to my blog at wordpress.com (thanks Tom) but I […]

… word-of-mouth marketing. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case, I think I’d rather the imitators keep their distance.The word-of-mouth marketers have latched onto a term that was gaining traction in the blogosphere — conversational marketing — and they’re trying to turn it into something that it’s not.” Quote from Tom […]

This is just a great little clip on the advertising world, I hope you enjoy as much as I did. You’ll have to speak some French to understand though. [Via Pietel] Tags: publicité, advertising, fun

Last week Sony released it’s new Bravia commercial. And how much I liked the “bouncing balls” commercial, I don’t really like this one. I don’t think it’s bad, but apart from a lot of special effects, I don’t get the feeling it stands out. It doesn’t move me or anything. Too bad, I was really […]

Last Saturday Shel Israel & Rick Segal where in Belgium and we had the chance to spend the day with them. The fact that we could have this meeting is for me one of the best results of blogging so far. Back in the beginning of August I wrote about ‘Naked Conversations’ and Shel, who […]

He didn’t win the race, he didn’t even make it to the podium and the championship was already lost after last race really. But man, what a great race it was. Having to come back from the last place (after a tyre puncture) to the front, Schumacher showed what he’s got in him, even on […]

Yesterday on Digg someone pointed out to this great Top Gear parody. I had seen the original “Challenger 2 tank vs. Rang Rover Sport” on television, but this parody is really well done. Hope you recover well Richard. Tags: top gear, rang rover, digg, parody, fun, television

More than any other city in Europe, I feel this vibe every time I’m in London. It just keeps amazing me. Last night we had a dinner with a few people in Yauatcha (great restaurant by the way) and had a drink in some Havana cigar bar close to Oxford street. After that I walked […]