Ok, that’s it. He’s grounded. Lying to me like that. So no gold on this blog yet ;-) Tags: fun, euromillions

This month, there were 2 conferences that I would have loved to attend: e.day (Emerce) and Picnic’06, both in The Netherlands. My agenda wouldn’t let me, but luckily enough these events get splendid coverage these days. On October 25th it’s Customer First, and I’ll most definitely be there. I’m also excited to be invited for a roundtable […]

I saw an ad of Euromillions this morning and asked my 4 year old whether I would win or not. I never play with the lottery but since he said “yes dad” I bought myself a lottery ticket before going to work. So most probably by the end of the day I’ll be filthy rich. […]

Yet another great ad today, this time from Fedex. Should have Simon still somewhere, god knows. There are other ads out of this series at adverbox. [Via adverbox] Tags: fedex, simon, adverbox

There’s not much to say about this, you just see for yourself and enjoy. I think this is a truly great ad for a beer that … well I’m Belgian, I can’t like it all ;-) [Via Brandflakes For Breakfast] Tags: outdoor, advertising, heineken

Ever since Windows Live Writer was released, I’m using it to blog. I really like the program and the opportunity the SDK gives to create add-ons for Writer. I installed a couple of them, but Tag4Writer and Flickr4Writer are the ones I use most. Today the Writer team released an update, and it has enough […]

Later today (12 EST), the the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association is organizing an open conference call on the issue: marketer disclosure in social media. “Most consumers believe that content in environments like MySpace or YouTube has been created by non-marketers. WOMMA’s goal is to establish actionable guidelines and best practices for marketers working in […]

This is just funny. TheGoogleCache has a screenshot searching for “Holland” on Google.com. And the search result from Holland.com gives some interesting advice for wouldbe American travelers abroad: “pretend you’re from Canada”. Bizarre. [Via Om ter saaist] Tags: google, holland, thegooglecache, travel

What started out as a hobby project talking about MSN/Windows Live Messenger has grown to a huge community in the 5 years that this site exists. Reading on Mess.be that actually over 100 million people have visited the site in that period deserves a lot of respect. Kudos to ‘dwergs’ for creating all this. The […]