This is maybe not a big thing, but quite a lot of bloggers have been asking us for this and so here it is. The “Add to” button is available and here’s how you can use it if you want to. If you want to testdrive it first, click on the “Add to” […]

Can anybody tell me what the idea is behind this ad? Create a sexy, pointless ad – jobs for people (yeah, what else?) – to attract people to your site where you cannot even see what jobs they have or what Accent is about or anything. Oh yeah, you can win a Starck bathroom, that’s […]

While I had something in mind like I wrote about earlier, it is in fact something totally different. Since the real island is not really covered by my budget this interested me until I saw the price: 8.280 USD, are you kidding me! And that’s not even counting the cost to create the big sea-side […]

From AXE… again. But you got to love it. Like Coolz0r says: “The fact that in the end they released the video where the AXE Dude actually got a girlfriend makes this as a whole a beautiful campaign. It just adds up to the entire strategy AXE uses, and it’s proven to be a decent […]

Better safe than sorry is probably what they were thinking at Media Culpa. “DISCLAIMER: Please read all instructions and warnings before use. Must be 18 years of age or older to proceed further. Enter at your own risk. Do not enter. Speed limit – 28.8 or higher. Stop here on red. Hostess will seat you. […]

Only a couple of days after ‘Nifty Top 10′s’ I got more of them to share with you: Top 10 Best designed blogs Top 10 Social networking sites Top 10 Astronomy & space hoaxes Top 10 Gadgets for the filthy rich Top 10 Microsoft product flops Top 10 Geek watches Top 10 Strangest Japanese gadgets […]

My Microsoft colleagues at Corp. announced that more then 2.5 million people are already using the Office 2007 beta since it was released last month. I think that’s awesome. I’m using the Office 2007 beta 2 for quite a while now and I think it’s definitely worth a try. The ‘Ribbon’, blogging from Word, new […]

Take a look at Briefblog for the complete photo sequence of this really cool Duracell television commercial from Chile.

Well I actually meant ‘The blogger blogs on his blog’ but using the WordPress spellchecker I got those (and other) suggestions. WordPress actually doesn’t know the words ‘blog’, ‘blogging’, ‘blogger’, … as I found out just a minute ago. Quite funny to see this ‘mistake’ in a blog dictionary…

This was up on Digg today and when I read it I got instantly curious. As you can read in the article about it at Wikipedia the prank is already 3 years old. I guess most of you saw the video back then, at least I did and it sure was good fun. Curious about […]