Well I'll stick around for a while at least, but a couple of posts I wrote just before the weekend are gone, disappeared due to the WordPress issues we experienced the last days. Nothing bad to Matt or anybody else at WordPress, they've been working whole weekend trying to fix things and it seems like […]

In Carrefour you get a clicker with every AXE you buy. This in analogy with the advertising campaign starring Ben Affleck that AXE is running in Belgium for the moment. Actually, Carrefour already ran out of Clickers, having a hard time to follow up due to the big succes of this promotion. According to Unilever […]

The Tabasco Collective is on Stubru's Demopoll this week. So whenever you fancy some pretty darn good rock 'n roll, go to the Demopoll website and vote for these guys!

Only when you are a few years younger then I am, you might not remember KITT and Michael Knight… everybody else certainly will. Right now it's probably difficult why David Hasselhoff would be anything close to a call guy, but back then everybody wanted to be Michael Knight in the Knightrider tv series. And as […]

Cool stuff, try it out for yourself: type in any word and this tool finds matching letters at Flickr to create results like these. Not only is it very easy and very well done, it isn't called Spellr or anything like that at all! [via Coolz0r]

I always really enjoy it while visiting advertising sites like AdHunt, AdFreak, Coloribus and many many more because of all the great advertising you can find at these sites. Most of the time you see the best of the best pop up on other blogs after posting the ad, so normally I don't tend to […]

Apple just became 30 a few days ago and Palm just became 10. Congratulations to both for bringing us some great hardware and software experiences. Another similarity might be their potential future focus on hardware, while adopting the Windows software platform on it. Palm already released the first Windows powered Treo, the rumor is that […]

Fifteen years after my first visit to Russia I returned to Moscow last week. Back then it was for pleasure, this time it was for business. And clearly not only the reason why has changed, also the city of Moscow itself has changed a whole lot. In Moscow they are really picking up the pace […]