If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I love the new spirit the internet is in for the moment, but you also know that I think a lot of this web 2.0 stuff is basically thin air. I already talked about applications that died on the internet years ago […]

It's amazing how fast one gets used to technologies. For the last 2 years we have wireless internet connection in the office and at home and that was only the beginning. More and more we expect to find wireless connections wherever we go: hotels, airports, … but also public places and so on. It was […]

While I was walking around in the center of Seattle today it suddenly struck me that I was seeing a Starbucks almost on every corner. Why would you need a Starbucks on every corner? Is it because Starbucks originally started in Seattle (the first opened in Pike Place in 1971) or is it the same […]

There’s an interesting post about the tradeoff of advanced technology versus content on Andy Monfried’s blog. Using an example of a Rolling Stones classic (but bootleg) concert DVD he makes a point about the poor technical quality of the DVD, but still showing one of the greatest Stones concerts ever. I totally agree on the […]

With the FIFA Worldcup in Germany coming really close, it is getting clearer every day what the major sports brands and especially what the major online players are doing in that space. We only just saw Google launch their Joga.com as a co-branded experience with Nike Football, which clearly is a whole new kind of […]

Yesterday, I discovered something I hadn’t seen before on Live.com that I think is really cool. If one of your RSS feeds on your Live.com page includes a podcast, you can preview the posts in that feed (like with any RSS feed on Live.com) but it will also show a ‘mini’ media player that offers […]

I’m in Seattle this week for a conference and while I was working on my pc in my hotel room I was looking at Jay Leno’s Tonigh Show. The tonight show used to be aired also in Belgium (with delay) but you can’t see it anymore now (which is a pitty). Apparently they have a […]

While I was reading my RSS feeds yesterday I read something about this new AJAX way of booking your hotel, found on Ajaxian. The service is called Paguna.com and got me excited when I read about it. It also made me think of a service I saw a few years ago already which was called […]

… and the law won (Sonny Curtis). Well not really but it just seemed the right title for this post. Just tonight I stumbled onto 2 posts that are related to law and that are in some way upsetting. The first newsitem is about France pushing through a law that would force Apple Computer to […]

I’ve seen some new and pretty cool advertising from Absolut Vodka the last few days which made me look for other Absolut stuff on the web. A few days ago we saw the first posts talking about Absolut Kravitz. I’ve never been much of a Kravitz fan, but it still is a really nice experience. […]