And yes, it is that period of the year were top 10 lists popup everywhere about any subject you can image. I’m trying to pick out the most interesting and today it’s all about Advertising. Find the  top 10 ads of 2005 and even the top 10 viral videos of 2005 on BoreMe. On Adage we find the ten 2005 […]

Happy 2006 for all in the online industry (and all the others too ofcourse). There was a great top 10 on Conversion Rater, let’s not forget to look back in 12 months and see if it was any good. I feel there’s certainly something to it: RSS will become two-way with the help of Simple […]


Web 2.0, Life 2.0, Brands 2.0, … it doesn’t stop these last couple of weeks. Every day you read posts on the internet about this next generation everything, like the change that’s hapening today is bigger than any change ever happened before. When we check out Wikipedia on the subject we can find that we’re […]

I had only just started with my blog for a week or so and already it’s been pretty silent these last days. Lot of stuff to write about though, just need to find time to do it :-) Last week we’ve been discussing quite a bit on a very ‘interesting’ research. VMMa have done what […]